HDT Dryers


The spool valves are simple and reliable with low maintenance requirements. Each tower is fitted with a safety pressure relief valve. The operation phase of each tower in indicated by an easy to read pressure gauge.

Dryers are supplied with 0.01 micron oil removal filter (with automatic drain) on the inlet and a 1 micron dust filter on the outlet.

Lower socket for quick and simple removal of exhaust desiccant material. Upper socket for quick and simple replacement of desiccant material.

Orifice to ensure constant and uniform flows during both regeneration cycles.

Carbon steel towers are built in compliance with current European directives and powder coated. ASME Section VIII Div. 1 is available on request. The volume of each vessel is designed to give optimum velocity over the desiccant bed and a low pressure drop (Dp 0.21 bar max.). Accurate packing density prevents desiccant material movement and dusting.

Compressed air flow is upwards through the desiccant bed to protect it from contamination. Heavy particles or water droplets will stay at the bottom of the vessel and be discharged during the regeneration process.