Hydrogen Generators


Hydrogen has always been used in a wide range of industrial application such as electronics, heat treatment, food etc.

More recently hydrogen has been used as a fuel in transport and in environmentally friendly heating systems and in very recent times as a carrier and storage of clean energy. The hydrogen generators produce hydrogen and oxygen completely separated from each other by electrolytic dissociation of water molecules according to the chemical equation: 2H2O + ENERGY > 2H2 +O2.

Hydrogen and oxygen are produce inside the electrolytic cell directly at the requires pressure ( up to 30 bar) and they are kept safely separated by special gas impermeable membranes. The two gases flow through two separete channels, to the condensate water separators where they are cooled and dehumidified, ready for use. Equipments for additional purification and drying of hydrogen and oxygen aviable for any needs and levels of required purity requirement.Main Features

The Hydrogen generators are specifically designed to meet a large number of appliecation requirements. The range includes simple and low units and also the large ” Expert” series – units which deliver larger gas flows, sufiicient to satisfy the requirements of the nuclear power generation plants.

  • Production of hydrogen up to 170 m3/h
  • Worhing pressures of hydrogen and oxygen up to 30 bar
  • Purity of hydrogen and oxygen up to 99,9999%
  • Reduced electrolyte consumption
  • Continuous gas production from 0 to 100% (24/7)
  • Remote monitoring and technical assistance: the advanced PLC can be equipped with remote monitoring software that allows diagnostic and remote repairs.


 The Hydrogen generators are designed to ensure low maintenance and a minimal replacement of spare parts.

Thanks to their high reliability, thez do not require special care or inspections from the customer, makingthem simple and easae to and fully automatic.

The Hydrogen generators are equipped with highly advanced control systems that enable our  technicians to monitor and even repair your generator in real time anywhere in the world.