QBE Series


 COOLING CAPACITY  from 2,55 to 23,11 kW , water connection diameter 1/2″ to 1” 

The new range of QBE chillers has been designed specifically to meet industrial requirements and provide accurate control of the chilled water temperature with the absolute reliability of
continuous operation (with theoption of hot bypass valve).
It is particularly suitable for process cooling during the moulding and extrusion of plastic, laser cutting, precision engineering, pharmaceutical and food industry etc…
The range consists of 12 models with cooling capacities from 3-25 kW and is designed for outdoor installation (OBE002 excluded and OBE003 ÷ 007 optional).

All units are equipped with:
• Hermetic rotary or scroll compressors,
• Ecological refrigerant R407C;
• Microprocessor controller(electronic thermostat for OBE002);
• Atmospheric pressure tank;
• Water pump

Manufactured from high quality materials by skilled personnel according to strict procedures of brazing, and conforms to Directive 97/23.
It comprises of:
• rotary (QBE002 ÷ 012 models) or scroll (QBE014 ÷ 025 models) compressor;
• Copper Coaxial evaporator made from AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plate;
• Micro channel condenser in aluminium with epoxy coating;
• Filter dryer;
• Flow sight glass with moisture indicator (QBE008 ÷ 025 models);
• External equalisation thermostatic expansion valve (except QBE002 model); The thermostatic expansion valve regulates the injection of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator. The injection is a response to the refrigeration requirements. The range of thermostatic valves are designed for specific applications and are connected to the circuit via bi-metal brazing
• High pressure switch with manual reset;
• Low pressure switch to semi-automatic reset (QBE008 ÷ 025 models);
• High and low pressure gauges (QBE008 ÷ 025 models);
• Pressure connections for checks and maintenance.

Composed of:
• Atmospheric pressure collection tank, thermally insulated manufactured from ABS (QBE002-007) and PVC (QBE008-25;
• Water pipes in copper and PVC
• Electric pump, thermally insulated, made with non-ferrous materials (steel, brass or plastic material, mechanical seals NBR or EPDM depending on the model);
• Calibrated water bypass (prevents incidents caused by the erroneous closure of the stop valves);
• Water differential pressure switch (QBE008 ÷ 025 models);
• Water manometer;
• Drain valve;
• Filling unit.
All models in the QBE range have, as standard, the hydraulic circuit made from non-ferrous materials, which is necessary for industrial applications.
All units in the range can be used with mixtures of water and ethylene glycol up to 30%.

• Process cooling during the moulding
• Extrusion of plastic
• Laser cutting
• Precision engineering
• Pharmaceutical
• Food industry COOLING

Model QBE 002(5) (5)003004005006(2)007(2)008(5)009(5)012014020025005 3Ph006 3Ph007 3Ph
Cooling capacity (1)[kW]2,552,743,514,285,216,218,1610,1112,7316,2221,0223,115,236,087,01
Compressors power input (1)[kW]0480,490,710,861,221,761,492,092,812,543,764,871,221,712,29
Total power input (1) (2)[kW]0,79(5)0,991,211,361,72(2)2,26(2)2,80(5)3,40(5)4,1124,325,997,101,732,212,80
Total absorbed current (1) (2)[A]4,44(5)5,386,457,229,0111,315,97(5)6,88(5)8,198,1410,9712,905,556,157,35
EER (pump excluded) (1) 4,164,434,194,323,853,294,534,214,094,894,634,093,863,302,89
Water flow (1)[l/h]4384716047368971.0681.4041.7392.1902.7903.6153.9759001.0461.206
Available pressure (1)[kPa]146287261248215181235210222188217199215185153
Maximum power input (total) (2) (3)[kW]1,3(5)1,51,82,02,53,53,8(5)4,9(5)5,86,88,610,02,43,03,7
Maximum absorbed current (total) (2) (3))[A]6,6(5)7,59,110,412,614,47,7(5)9,5(5)10,812,115,917,56,47,38,7
Starting current (2) (3)[A]21,3(5)22,126,134,239,255,234,2(5)42,2(5)44,262,778,389,322,918,925,9
Fan power[kW]0,130,130,130,130,130,130,310,310,310,780,780,780,140,140,14
Fan current[A]0,650,650,650,650,650,651,201,201,201,701,701,700,380,380,38
Number of fans[#]111111111111111
P3 Pump power input[kW]0,18(5)0,370,370,370,370,371,00(5)1,00(5)1,001,001,451,450,370,370,37
P3 Pump absorbed current[A]1,60(5)2,502,502,502,502,502,00(5)2,00(5)2,002,002,602,602,502,502,50
Power supply[V/Ph/hz]230/1/50400/3/50
IP protection degreeIP40IP44
Compressor typeROTARYSCROLL
Condenser typeMICROCHANNEL
N° of compressors[#]111111111111111
N° of refrigerant circuits[#]111111111111111
Air flow[m3/h]2.2002.2002.2002.5002.5002.5004.8004.8005.0005.0005.0005.0002.5002.5002.500
Sound pressure level (4)[dbA]464646464646494949494949464646
Water connections diameter[inch]½ “½ “½ “½ “½ “½ “1“1“1“1“1“1“½“½“½“
Tank capacity[dm3]252525252525909090909090252525
P3 Pump power input – Option[kW]      1,601,601,601,600,750,75   
P3 Pump absorbed current – Option[A]      1,901,901,901,902,502,50   
P5 Pump power input – Option[kW] 0,550,550,550,550,550,750,750,750,750,900,900,550,550,55
P5 Pump absorbed current – Option[A] 6,206,206,206,206,202,502,502,502,502,602,606,206,206,20

(1) Data referred to following conditions: water temperature in/out: 20/15°C – ambient air temperature: 25°C – (2) Data referred to unit with standard P3 pump – (3) Data related to most heavy condition allowed by safety devices fitted on the unit – (4) Referred at 10 m and at an height of 1,5 m in free field – (5) Data referred to unit with P5 pump (optional) – (6) For models from OWT007 to OWT065 with additional loading tank, length increases by 300mm.