Modular Series

Produces high-purity oxygen gas from compressed air (purity to 93 ±3).

Amortized costs in less than 2 years time. The prices from 0,095 €/Nm3 – putiry 93%

Due to modular design (international patents pending);

• Creates the most appropriate solution to any capacity of oxygen gas
which is required.
• Modular design offers you with ideal and economic opportunities
while gas consumption of nitrogen increases.
• Simply adjust your OVN system by varying the number of PSA
modules. Just by yourself, no other adjustment or component to the
system required.
• Modular design: Decreases of energy costs with due to ideal capacity
utilization, that provides real savings to you.
• If we express according to another, the capacity value does not fall
below with swiftly while purity value increase, like twin tower design.
• To work without problem for a long time due to these components
which are aluminum extrusion profiles with anodised coating and electrostatic
painted, easily assembly-disassembly features to frame, resistant
a PLC and choice of a valve with long life (2 milions operation
guarentee) in the PSA modules.
Modular design offers you a compact construction; Ideal for container
solutions with this size constancy.
The spare parts same in the all models to used identical components
for the entire model range. This means, limited spare part management,
easy maintenance and services.
Same desiccant material and bead diameter use for all models.
Modular OVN is limited with total 8 pair modules. It possible to
work total 8 unit with 3 Modular OVN  with same PLC and Nitrogen