Oxygen Filling Station

PSA Oxygen Filling Plant

OVN s.r.o. has a wide range of Oxygen filling stations used for filling cylinders of any size up to 200 bar. 

The system can be set up to fill the hospital pipeline directly and use the filling ramp as a backup system. Oxygen cylinders can be filled simultaneously or during hours with low consumption.

Oxygen generators can be easily upgraded to oxygen filling stations if you need to fill oxygen cylinders. This will give you the ability to fill your own cylinders for fraction of the cost as you can get from the gas companies.

Oxygen purity:        90% – 95%

End pressure:         150 – 200 barG

Oxygen dew point:   -60C

Operetion conditions: 5C – 45C

Amortized costs in less than 2 years time. The prices from 0,095 €/Nm3 – putiry 93%