Pressure Operated Valve – 2/2 – Series 290The pressure operated valves uses auxiliary compressed air or a hydraulic source to operate the valve, these valves enables reliable & accurate control in even the most demanding applications, they can be used to control a wide variety of media types.  AXIAL VIP VALVES – OMAL

VIP valves can be used in any mounting position (horizontal, vertical or oblique). They can be provided with seals in NBR, FKM or EPDM:

  • NBR: suitable for air, gas, oils, water etc..
  • FKM: perfectly suitable for most fluid. Unsuitable for steam.
  • EPDM: perfectly suitable for hot water and steam. Unsuitable for mineral products (oils, grease, etc..).

For further information about gas, explosive fluids, material compatibilities etc. please contact our technical department.